Flexible Manufacturing Systems

GD Tech's state-of-the-art facility features a 24-pallet, two-machine FMC (Flexible Machining Cell) that provides maximum machine utilization. PALLETECH provides flexibility in production and is efficient in both low and high volume production, All MAZAK HCN-5000L machines in this cell are able to run lights-out.

Their ability to virtually eliminate setup and changeover times while increasing productive machining hours demonstrates clear economic benefits and financial returns, regardless of production volume or variety. By deploying this level of production technology, GD Tech can transform its shop into an agile manufacturing environment that is capable of managing rapid changes in part volumes and providing customers with just-in-time part delivery.

Advantages Of Flexible Manufacturing Systems

· Drastically improve machine utilization

· Enhancement of production efficiency – downtime is reduced because the need to shut down production to switch setups is eliminated

· Gain a competitive edge through unattended "lights out" operation

· Shorter lead times – one setup means a quicker finished product

· Increased production rate – build as many parts as you want

· Greater flexibility in production scheduling

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