• JAVA (OA) Platform Architect
    Location: Dongguan
    Recruitment: 1
    Monthly salary range: 5000-6000

    Job responsibilities

    1. The overall technology responsible for the company's java platform, covering system architecture design, system development and technical maintenance, etc.

    2. Plan the integration architecture and interface design between the various systems of the company, and write the core code and interface of the system;

    3. Interfacing with business consultants to analyze and design business needs

    4. Outsourcing system, doing architecture and technical evaluation

    5. For system development, clear development needs, design technical solutions, complete the development of technical documentation, manage and coordinate outsourcing development resources, and complete various types of program development on time.

    6. Responsible for the optimization and technical operation and maintenance of SAP peripheral systems.

    7. Track and research new technologies in the Java field, solve key architectural problems and technical problems in the project, and be responsible for tackling and pre-researching key technical difficulties in the project.


    Job requirements

    1. Understand and accept the corporate culture of Yingpu Group's “integrity, diligence, unity, pragmatic and efficient, refinement and innovation” to adapt to the work environment with pressure and growth;

    2. Bachelor degree in computer related major, more than three years experience in Java program development, and .Net experience is preferred;

    3, proficient in object-oriented design and design patterns, familiar with UML and related tools, skilled use of Rose, Visio and other design tools;

    4, proficient in the SSH framework system to build, understand the advantages and disadvantages of the SSH framework, and can be used flexibly;

    5, proficient in J2EE architecture and middleware, familiar with open source architecture, rich development experience under Struts, Spring and Hibernate;

    6. Familiar with application servers such as JBOSS, TOMCAT, WEBLOGIC, WEBSPHERE, and at least one of them;

    7, proficient in SQL language, familiar with Oracle, SQLServer and other database systems;

    8. Familiar with the basic commands of Linux system, and have rich experience in deploying J2EE applications under Linux;

    9. Have good programming style and technical document writing ability, and be proficient in reading English technical documents;

    10, work proactive, good team spirit, able to withstand strong work pressure;

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